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We have just wrapped!  Thank you for all your hard work.  You saved us.   Really enjoyed working with you.  Will be in contact with you when I am up here next.  And I will be recommending you to anyone who plans to work up here. -


Charlie Waller, Endor Pictures

Thank you so much for your help on've found some fantastic people.  Its been great working with you - 


Documentary Now. Emu ffilms

Problem solving’ expert,  you rocked it!

I left a message on your phone today to say THANK YOU THANKYOU, we couldn't of done it without you.
You were with us in every sense, and so appreciated, only sad we didnt get to meet you.

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Sue Caldwell, Moxie Pictures

"I recently produced several commercials up in North Wales. I found Helen to be a really helpful in providing me with all logistical support in the region. From actors, hotel bookings and transport to catering requirements. She was amazing and always had a smile!"

Stuart Sutherland, Celtic Films Ent. Ltd

"We worked with Helen on a music video production. We were total virgins to Wales, and we needed everything: scouting, gear, riders... Helen has been helpful, reactive, available and very profesional. She's been essential to our production."

Christophe Abric, Le Blogotheque

"Helen’s Clic Agency was top notch. We were able to get exactly what we needed for all of our production needs. I would highly recommend her services to anyone looking for help in Wales with casting, locations or other production needs."

Jessica Mathis, Titan Global Entertainment

"We needed to organise a shoot with very short notice. Clic’s scouting was first rate and they expertly guided us through a very hasty recce. All locations were confirmed the next day and the shoot went without a hitch. We couldn’t have done it without them."

Richard Parsons. Executive Creative Director, JPMH

"The actors represented by The Clic Agency were very talented and professional. With "Merlin and the War of the Dragons," we thought it was a big gamble coming to Northern Wales to shoot the film- not having shot there before and being unfamiliar with the terrain and local production facilities. Our fears were put to rest at the first casting session with Helen. The director and I were very impressed with the talent that auditioned and we knew that we could easily cast the remaining roles of the film with local professional talent. Helen at the Clic Agency not only supplied the majority of the talent for the film, but was a great resource to the production in other areas as well. She was able to recommend very talented local crew members and filming locations. I look forward to the next time when I am able to work with Helen and the Clic Agency." 

Anthony Fankhauser, Line Producer – Merlin and Dragons of Camelot

"Helen and Clic Agency took a hands-on approach from the time they got the script all the way through when every role was cast.  They were very professional and knowledgeable about the casting process.  The actors they had access to were experienced in their craft, which led to us having a strong cast for our film.  Thanks again for everything, Helen.  I've been singing your praises to everyone here.  Keep in touch."

Stephen Fiske, Line Producer - Sherlock Holmes

"Thanks so much for a great job casting the first block of actors for the show.  Everyone was outstanding and a real pleasure to work with.  Most of them I want to bring back again and again.  I know it wasn’t a massive budget or schedule, but you produced talent worthy of a mega buck feature.  Great job.  Thanks for all the hard work."

Ben Mole, Director - Mystery Files

"Indeed THANK YOU VERY MUCH for all of your help and patience on what hasn't been the easiest of jobs for various reasons. You have supplied us with some excellent people. I will keep your details for hopefully further projects in Gwynedd / Mon. Thanks again Helen."

Phil Hounam, Location Manager -Wales 'Clash of the Titans'

"Sense Interactive was recently commissioned by the Welsh Assembly Government to produce a second bilingual CD for schools. A number of actors and voiceover artists were required with Welsh as their first language, so once again, we contacted Helen to assist with the task of auditioning and casting. Helen proved a great help, not only with casting teenagers and adults from North and South Wales, but by assisting with other aspects of the project such as sourcing props and being "Mum" to all her younger charges!"

Louise Orpin, Sense Interactive

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