Below are some younger actors who are local to North West Wales but, of course, willing to travel for paid work.  Some have already successfully completed their Performing Arts exams and courses whilst others are still training.  Quite a few have already worked on professional stage/film work but others just starting out.  Most are over licensing age but for those that are under 16 we have found the Licensing Department here to be most helpful and swift

megan rose 3.jpeg
tomos bohana 2 (2).jpg
Ada Vonbank.jpg
Ivo Vonbank.jpg

         Megan Rose

        Tomos Bohana



moli wyn.PNG
tomos dafydd 2.jpg
poppy 3.jpeg
William Lilly.jpg

        Moli Wyn

         Tomos Dafydd


      William Lilly

Chanel JOnes.jpg
Sean Currie.jpg
Owen Thomas.jpg
deborah parry 3_edited.jpg

     Chanel Jones

        Sean C

     Owen Thomas


Molly Chaffey.png
Llawen Pierce.jpeg
Tyler kay.jpg
Noa Would.jpeg

         Molly C

       Llawen Pierce

           Tyler Kay

           Noa Would

Alex Bischoff.jpg
Cai Rogers.jpg
jessica davies.jpeg
Atlanta Moore 3 (2).jpg



    Jessica Davies

   Atlanta Moore

Llion Davies.jpeg

       Llion Davies

lana davies.jpg
Steven Andrew.jpg


     Steven Andrew

harmony hughes.JPG

   Harmony Hughes